All Fun And Games, Snapchat Usernames

Ever since its release in the year 2011, Snapchat has gone wild among not only teens, but people of almost all ages. It’s an app present on both iTunes and Google Play, which allows the users to take pictures, write captions, and draw on them as well. Once the picture is sent, the viewer can only view it for a limited amount of time before it disappears again!

Snapchat Usernames

Lately, snapchat has been adding such “crazy” filters, which have eventually hyped up the use of it. Often people have snapchat usernames based on their names, or other times based on the kind of pictures they post in their stories.

People have been using snapchat in a maniacal way, snapping almost everything they do in their everyday life.


If you’re new to all this, want to join all this fun and are willing to find a nice snapchat username, you can try using the follows:

  • Make one up with your full name; nothing is more classy
  • Try a snapchat username which aims the kind of pictures you post!
  • Make a cute one, use your name and nick together just like all time famous Kylie Jenner who’s snapchat username is Kylizzlemynizzl
  • Use your name with your date of birth! For example, john96, classic as always

Some people are awfully obsessed with having a nice snapchat username, because other than adding people from your contact list, everyone searches you up by your username.


Not only are normal people the only ones stuck in the web of Snapchat, yet even celebrities and companies are using it. Companies often make their snapchat usernames based on their own company’s names, and walk their followers through how their whole day passes by.

Other than that, a lot of people just randomly search up certain usernames, and add the person up. Sometimes the profiles may be public, allowing anyone who adds them to view their stories. However, at other times the other person may have to accept your add request before you can start a conversation with them.


Bearing attractive snapchat usernames increase the chances of people adding you, and then they view your content. Thanks to the feature that snapchat already have, once a message is sent, it disappears as soon as the other person views it (unless otherwise saved). This feature has helped people make friends all around the world, and they often trust them a lot as well.

However trusting too much may result to be harmful to one’s health, as reportedly a lot of things leak out of snapchat through people who screenshot chats or pictures of others. Then they use them to humiliate the person.

Snapchat is great fun to be using, if used right of course. So get yourself a cute snapchat username and make yourself an account aiming at your interests, and conquer the world of snaps!